Our Work

The following is a list of recent commercial projects by Grimes Hominuk Builders Inc.

  • Expansion of the Consulate of the United States Of America, 8th Floor 201 Portage Ave
  • Relocation of Offices for the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, 21st Floor 1 Lombard Place (Richardson Building)
  • New Office for Livingston International Inc., Unit 11 – 1100 Waverly St.
  • Criminal Justice Renovations, 18-155 Carlton St. Winnipeg, renovation for the Province of Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation
  • LM Architects Office Renovation 500-136 Market St. Winnipeg, renovation to architectural firm office space
  • Morguard Invesments Ltd. office renovations, 14th floor 363 Broadway Winnipeg, renovation to lunchroom/data room
  • Renovations for Canola Council of Canada, 400 – 167 Lombard Place Winnipeg, renovation and addition to existing office space
  • MIT Manitoba 1181 Portage Ave. Winnipeg, renovation to government office space
  • Morguard Investments Ltd. 9-444 St Mary Ave. Winnipeg renovation to office building elevator lobby
  • Colliers International Ltd. 11-1795 Henderson Hwy. Winnipeg renovation to a retail space to accommodate a new tenant.
  • NewWest Enterprise Property Group 110 King Edward St. East Winnipeg renovation to base building to accommodate a furniture retail store.
  • NewWest Enterprise Property Group 102 – 104 King Edward St. East Winnipeg renovation and expansion for Shipper’s Supply Inc.
  • Tenant Improvements for CFIB, 620 – 175 Hargrave St. project for new business office.
  • 155 Carlton St Elevator Lobby Renovation, 16th floor. Re-fresh of building elevator lobby
  • Expansion to 19th floor law firm at 155 Carlton St. renovation to law firm office space.
  • Renovation to 1590-201 Portage for a business office. Base building demolition and renovation.
  • Cross Bracing and Mezzanine Re-inforcement, 9-1725 St James St. structural project for Bentall Kennedy LP
  • Glasgow Collision Centre – vehicle impact at 381 McMillan Ave, restoration project including asbestos removal.
  • Currency Mart at 290 – 240 Graham Ave. security renovations for financial tenant
  • Bargen Davidson Law Offices at 610 – 363 Broadway new offices for law firm
  • Morguard Investments Ltd. at 31 Keith Rd – install universal access washroom in an industrial space
  • Prometa Fund Services – demolish old office space and construct new for new tenant
  • Royal Canadian Properties – renovate office space for new tenant – Statistics Canada
  • Doctor’s office at 1795 Henderson Hwy – new office in an enclose mall for Dr. Dodge
  • Morguard Investments Ltd. Elevator lobby renovation at 19-155 Carlton St.

Our other clients include:


  • St. Charles Country Club
  • St. Norbert Hotel
  • Polo Park Shopping Centre
  • Gardewine Group Inc

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